Dec 25, 2009


[Calusarii - Kah'loo'sha'ry][one of the oldest Romanian traditions][Dacian heritage]

[Kah'loo'sha'ry from Costesti dancing Romana][today's Dacians remembering their Roman ancestors]

[the dance of the Dacian youth][ancient Dacian winter ceremony][the force of the dance and the rhythm used in a magical ceremony for luck, happiness, joy and prosperity]

[young and proud][like their ancestors]

[leaving][good bye until next year][wishes of health, joy and prosperity to you all]

Nov 2, 2009

Halloween Charity Ball @ The People's Palace

[Uniri Hall][People's Palace][Bucharest]

[Ethan Hawke][wearing the suit of Starbuck, which he plays in the new TV series Moby Dick]

[the US Ambassador in Romania][Mark Gitenstein]

[Cabral & Adela][great smiles]

[Horia Brenciu][great voice]

[Leslie & Ethan Hawke][great people]

Sep 27, 2009

sacred places of the dacians

[the paved road to the temple][more than 2000 years of civilization]

[murus dacicus - the dacian wall][the fencing of the sacred places]

[the mistery of the water][the flow]

[the mistery of the stones][the shrines]

[the mistery of the wood][the sanctuary]

[the mistery of the soul][dacian's son]

Jun 29, 2009

through europe


[Elisabeth Bridge]

[Saint Gellert Hill]

[Danube and Hungarian Parliament]


[river Inn and bridge (bruck)]

[evening view]

[view from Schloss Ambras (Ambras Castle)]

[the Olympic Mountain]


[the old city of Prague]

[Vltava river ]

Apr 22, 2009


earth day

[akeela][the leader of the pack]

[nut, stick and ape]

[manure and butterfly]

[a'ya' talkin' 2 me? a?]

[financial crisis][no toothpaste]

[i'm building a house][what about you?]

Apr 19, 2009

The treasures of Hateg Country

[wild and beautiful][majestic Carpathian mountains]

[G-ral Berthelot mansion][a shadow of long forgotten glory]

[roman stones][Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa]

[still standing] or [standing still][capital of roman province Dacia Felix]

[faith][sunlight upon Densus church]

[the Two Towers?][mountains of Gondor?]...

...[no][Retezat Mountains][The Land of Hateg]