Dec 25, 2009


[Calusarii - Kah'loo'sha'ry][one of the oldest Romanian traditions][Dacian heritage]

[Kah'loo'sha'ry from Costesti dancing Romana][today's Dacians remembering their Roman ancestors]

[the dance of the Dacian youth][ancient Dacian winter ceremony][the force of the dance and the rhythm used in a magical ceremony for luck, happiness, joy and prosperity]

[young and proud][like their ancestors]

[leaving][good bye until next year][wishes of health, joy and prosperity to you all]


D said...

..totul se invarte in jurul lui.."dacian(s)" :)

very nice, anyway!

liana said...


Masaj erotic Bistrita said...

calusarii reprezinta ,stilizat, o pagina deistorie